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DragonBot Hybrid PRO (copyrighted©) 02/21/06

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On this site are some items I have for sale. If you see anything that interests you, get in touch and we can work out terms.

DragonBot Hybrid PRO (copyrighted©)

Gunbound Aimbot - DragonBot Hybrid PRO (copyrighted©) 02/21/06
New Undetected & Working DragonBot PRO

DragonBot is back! Better than ever! And the only working PRO version right now, don’t be fooled by scammers, all cracked versions are not working anymore.

All in one, works on both Gunbound World Champion and Original Thor’s Hammer Gunbound (like GPS). The new version will be released and free updates will be given to customers at the end of this action.

From the creator of DragonBot and DragonBotWC, now comes DragonBot Hybrid PRO Edition! The best aimbot ever for Gunbound

It is using advanced high technology image processing, math and physics formulas to calculate the exact amount of power needed to hit a target.

It works with any mobile: Armor, Mage, Nak, Trico, Big Foot, Boomer (no hook), Raon, Lightning, J.D, A. sate, Ice, Turtle, Grub, Aduka, Knight Dragon, J.Frog, and Kalsiddon.

It draws on screen the trace of the shot and exactly how much power you need to hit. Works with an angle and any wind.


DragonBot Hybrid - works on both Gunbound WC and the original Thor’s Hammer like GPS.

Long Shot - can aim on targets outside the screen.

Back Shot - can aim shots to the other direction.

Auto Target - auto target the closest enemy, or use mouse target for manual targeting. Can aim Nak underground shots, can aim the TNT, Hammers, Lightning and gifts from the slots machine, have aid lines for lightning (helpful for the dogging strategy and when you are underground), tells you when the SS will open, and where Trico balls will unite, it has option to guide other players so you can tell them the angle and power they need to hit (in case someone asks you for help because you play so good).

New Special Features!

Bot – you can now play the game even not in your desk. First, just select your character then click the Bot (the integrated button slot), and your in, the character can play by himself accurately with no mistake and errors (In case someone tells, you play so good. They keep on talking to you with no response of them, because they don’t know your playing like a robot) you can now leave it, go to shopping mall or do some household chores, eat, go out with your friends, you can even watch playing your character if you want. And the best way you can do, is to switch the Bot before you go to sleep which is how to spend the time with your character. You’ll ever know your character is rising up fast, over 1,500 GP! Per day (if you use the Bot) and much as exactly 400,000 thousand gold.

It does not access or read or write to the memory of the game in any way. Instead, it only read the image that is on the screen.

Its works as a stand alone program like any other regular program without making any connection to the game. In fact, it can be used with image viewers on screen shots to train on a mobile and get a feeling for it.

No Bypass is needed

I am the programmer who created this program; this is a private and protected program, so you cannot get it anywhere else. I sell you my program, with a license for your computer only; you cannot transfer it to other computers. You will also get an instruction file, so you will know how to use it.

It has been tested on Windows XP, 2000, ME and 98.

After the action ends, you will pay me in western union money transfer, then I will send you an email to the same address of the payment, and only when I get your response I will send you the aimbot with a license and instruction file.

Warning: don’t waste your money on scams or fakes!
Crack versions will be patched and you have paid for nothing.
Buy the original real one here and be safe.
All of the older versions are detected and patched.
Only customers will get free updates.

Price: US $99

Contact Information

Click here for orders or questions:

Terms and Conditions

You will pay me thru Western Union Money Transfer.

First, just go to Western Union Money Transfer and tell the personnel that you will have to transfer money using Western Union Money Transfer. They will give you a Western Union Money Transfer Form… just filled it out. Write your name as a sender, write Philippines as a receiver address and you will address the money to my full name Mr. Aldrin T. Diaz.

After you deposited the said amount, that’s the only time you will email me the MTCN or Control number given to you by the Western Union Money Transfer.

The promotion sale was total success! And many of my customers are happy! I’ve even made friends with some of them. Now it’s your turn to get one of these wonderful aimbot for GunboundWC and Gunbound the Original Thor’s Hammer. Hurry up and join the aimbot family!

Now, the deal I’m offering you is an aimbot program that lets you crash your opponents with 100% accuracy. It is a stand alone program that does not interfere with the game and its undetected even gunbound updates patches. So you don’t ever have to worry about buying anymore aimbots.

I know there many aimbots out there, but I’m warning you many of those aimbots may not last more than 2 weeks as Gunbound usually patches their data and Game Guard every 4 to 7 days.

Shipment details:

I will ship the item within 1 to 12 hours after receiving the payment. It is 5.38mb program; shipment will be made by email.

Privacy policy:

Rest assured your information will not be given, sold, rented or loaned to any third party

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Just browsing? Get in touch anyway and let me know what you think.